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I do daily check the ranking of my site to see how does it perform and today is my lucky day. My site, BestPenangFood.com has been rank #1 in Google organic search result !! Wow , this is really fantastic and exciting !!

Best Penang food rank 1 in google

Penang food guide  #1

Best Penang food rank 2 in google

Direct term search – best penang food rank # 2 & #3 in the organic search

hey , the story does not end here. beside keyword search, there are image search too.

Picture SEO sweet forest penang rank row 1

When I key in “sweet forest penang”, my picture is rank in the first row !!

I am a happy man today!! After 2 month of hard work, finally, my site is being rank #1 in Google  organic search term. Based on the study, 70% of the traffic is come from the organic search !!

In order to be spot lighted and found by user, your only choice is to rank #1 google!!

How do I do it?

There are no secret in getting rank #1 in Google ! The only solution is to work hard, be honest and be consistent posting unique post to let search engine craw your site. Unique content is the King !!

As a food blogger, I am passion on food, especially Penang food where I lived. Penang has been ranked #3 best street hawker food by CNNgo. What can I do… just eat it !! everyday. Here is how my big tummy come !!

Since I am passion in food, all latest food news related to Penang food, I want to be the first to be get to know of !!  Beside that, I give sincere & honest comment to latest Penang food article and get link with the community !! This create a back link to my site and raise my reputation as a food blogger in Penang.

If you view from search engine end point, if you are passion in food and you will give comment to other latest Penang food articles. You are the first 3 to give comment in the community! This author is really passion in his interest and he should be rewarded to rank # 1 in Google organic search even thought there is a no follow in the hyperlink.

Do you know what is “No follow “ as stated above?  Here is the story, in order to rank #1 in Google, you will need to build up a lot of link back to your site.

If you view from search engine end point again, if site A is a good site, a user will basically recommend this site A to friend. How do the user tell his friend that site A is a good site?

Basically, the user will going to share a story and a link to his friend so that his friend can find more about site A. If above process is being repeated and repeated by many user as it is a good site , at the end of the day, there will be a lot of back link that spread in the web which direct traffic to site A.  In short , Site A is going to rank #1 in Google as this is a good site with lot of back link.

Does this explanation make sense to you?

Story does not end here,  every blogger/creator do wish their site to be rank high in Google. this create a lot of spam business in the web where lot of comment backlink is a spam. These is called comment spam. Basically, you will receive some comment that is not related to the topic that you share in your post. We don’t want these comment to be shown in our article as well. The solution to this problem is, just use Akimet plugin in Word press! It is FREE if you use it as personal.

Create article that is easily digested by Search Engine robot

Beside the back link, I also write my article that match what Search Engine like Google want or like. If you write some article that is easily digest by search engine’s robot, you will success in this business as key #1 to success is to rank #1 in Google. You will get lot of traffic then .

How do I know my article is easily digested by search engine robot? Well , I don’t know !! But I used a service called ScribeSEO (Affiliate link). This is not a FREE tool. This tool help me to optimize my article so that it can be easily digested by search engine. Seach Engine Optimization come in. There are 15 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rule that ScribeSEO help pin point to me what I should change in the post in order to be easily digested by search engine. I can tell you lot of good story about ScribeSEO here , In short, it is useless.

You need to try it your self ! Action is power. No action, you get nothing.  Quiet basic is it?

Do you agree ?

Luckily, you can try it out for free for the first month(Affiliate link).  Get the the money back if you don’t like their service.  Just click the refund button. No question ask.

Image SEO

Hey, I also rank top row in the image search !! Want to know the secret behind? Come ! Let me show you !

Do you think Google able to decode the image pixel and know that this image is “Sweet Forest Pastries ” ?

The answer is “NO” !  Google might be doing something to decode the image pixel, but currently the answer is still “NO”. How do the search engine know that this image content is related to Sweet Forest ?

The answer is pretty simple. Use your keyword in your blog and which related to the picture too as part of the picture file name, picture description and it caption. If you scroll your mouse pointer to the image, you will find the file name of the image contain the keyword “sweet forest penang”.

Why I need to rank high in image? The reason is very simple. –> traffic. When the user click the image, the user will land on YOUR page. Do you want new visitor to your website?

Summary :

To rank #1 in google which demonstrated in my BestPenangFood.com, here is the step that i do and  do it daily,  consistently, sincerely and honestly. These are very important !!

  • Be the first 3 visitor to give comment to the Latest article/blog/news that related to your blog, your passion. This create a quality back link to your site and raise your reputation.
  • Don’t comment to article/blog/news that is not related to your blog, your passion. This is called comment Spam,
  • Use ScribeSEO tool to guide you in article writing so that you can create a article that can easily digested by search engine’s robot. Try the ScribeSEO FREE trial for the first month (Affiliate link). . Get the refund if you don’t like the service. No Question ask.
  • Use your keyword in image’s file name so that you can rank high in image search.

There are more way to drive traffic to your site and get your site rank high, i will share it later post.

Btw, I am interested to hear your input to rank #1 in Google !! drop me a input in comment so that I know what you think.  Subscribe to my newsletter if you like what I share. Your support will fuel my engine to write and share more in my blog ! Thanks you for your support.

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