Dec 2012 Quarterly update

Today is the last day of year 2012. i.e Dec 31. I would like wish all my blog reader“ Happy New Year 2013 and welcome the year of snake”.
Time passed really fast, and I have been blogging for half a year.  My last post in PIE is on early September where I share the method how I get Rank #1 in Google for my  Since then , I am focusing on Best Penang Food website and spend 100% of my time to improve the site content. 0% being used for my and Here is what I archived from Sept to Dec 2012.

What is my goal set in last month?

Goal Description Actual Comment
1 post per day, same goal 23 post 8-10 post in
3 summary 1 summary No summary at all.
Setup site favicon No Still drafting the idea
1 YouTube video No Fail to do so
add 3 advertisement in my blog No Will need to revise this plan .

From the above table, I did not met any of the goal, but guess what ? I do rank #1 in Google for my primary keyword, which is my domain name.
Best Penang Food” has official rank #1 and will consistently rank #1.

Passive Income Everyday “ has rank #1 in Google in Dec even thought I did not do anything for past 1 quarter. Strange is it? I only found out this when there are new reader subscription to my blog for consecutive 2 days … wow…

Other Measurement indicator

Description PIE PL BPF
Alexa From 8,272,717  to 1,561,625 From 2,445,660 to 2,917,228 From 1,479,055 to 391,257
Page Rank 2 0 0
Traffic (unique visitor) From 34 to 70 From 374 to 126 From 488 to 3545
Total post (up till date) 15 8 52

Since both my BPF and PIE has rank #1 in Google, this do reflected in Alexa as well.
You can see that :
PIE do a steep climb from 8 Million to 1.5 Million. Nearly 2 fold of improvement.
BPF which improved from 1.5 Million to ~ 400k. This is nearly 2 fold ( 1.5M to 750k to 350k)  of improvement as well.

Best Penang Food New Visitor New Visitor indicator

From the traffic stand point, only BPF has improve in traffic as I spend most of my time there. Total post up to date is 52. By doing a simple math, each post will attract ~ 68 new visitor per month. In other word , which is around 2.19 new visitor every day/post.
With  the assumption of 2.19 new visitor/post. To reach 10k new visitor/ month, I need around 147 post in total. This should be able to archived by end of 2013 as 52 week will create 104 new post per year. adding up 52 to 104, this should lead my BPF to 156 post in total.

Does it make sense? chip in your comment…

Do I earn any income in Dec’12 ?

No , I did not earn any income this month.

Expenses :

Description Cost Comment
Bluehost monthly commitment USD4.95 Get bluehost account Here
Scribe SEO USD 0 I have cancelled the scribe as part of the cost saving. After I learn the method, there are no point for me to subscribe the Publisher package which cost $27/m.

I have cancelled the Scribe SEO as I have learned the method on how to optimize the web page to rank #1 in Google as demonstrated in my BPF and PIE.  Scribe is a  good tool for new user like me as it really assist me in getting rank # 1 in Google. I would really recommend all the new blog user to subscribe to Scribe SEO Publisher package to understand the fundamental of SEO.

Goal for Q1’13

Goal Description Comment
Be consistent – 2 post per week. This is what I done in BPF. I publish post on every Tuesday and Thursday.
Focus on other key word to rank #1 in Google
Improve the new visitor / page /day to 3


To improve the new visitor ration, I will have to rank #1 in other long key word term which benefit to my blog subject.

Why Long key word is important ?

When you are talking about “Penang Food”, this search term is kind of generic which will not bring you any fruitful search result. It is too generic !!

Long Key word mean “Specific” to certain subject like “Best Penang Asam Laksa” . If you ever key in this key word, which mean you are looking for the food called “Asam Laksa” in “Penang“.  You are interested to get the BEST Asam Laksa too. These are the target user that I will need to capture in order to improve the visitor ration per page. If you able to rank #1 in Long key word, you will win !! runs on the Genesis Framework

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