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When you want to start to blogging, the earliest questions that pop up in your mind is “What is subdomain and what is domain? Subdomain vs. domain; which one should I choose? “

Well, the question is kind of simple but the decision is kind of hard. Hey, your worry stops here.  In this article, I will share you my experience and guide you thru the pro and con of each selection for subdomain vs. domain. By the end of this article, you should know what is subdomain vs. domain and which is best for you.

What is the domain?  What is subdomain?

The most easiest way to explain the subdomain vs. domain in English is to learn by example.  Here is some example of the domain name that you are quiet familiar:

Yahoo   >>    , when you think about Yahoo, you will automatically type www prior to YAHOO word and add a .com at the back to go to the Yahoo site.  Magic isn’t!!

Yahoo is the domain name.

Imagine that you are the CEO of Yahoo. So Yahoo is the company name. You will expect that most of the internet user will automatically add in the www and the .com between your company names, thus this will lead straight forward to your company website. This is kind of norm and in print into most of the internet user.  This gives a big advantage in ranking high in Google.

When the company starts to grow and start to have multiple services to the customer. One of the example is the mail services. Here is the example of subdomain in Yahoo for mail services. >> you will expect to go to Yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is a subdomain of It is just like a new department with in Yahoo. Off course, Yahoo has a lot more department like Yahoo finance, Yahoo weather and etc.

In the world of blogging, you will find that you have a lot of free subdomain blogging platform that provide Free Blogging Platform.  You don’t even need to pay a single penny to get the services.  You are using the subdomain name as your blog name.  You are not using your blog name as domain name. Here is what you get at the end of the day.

Hey, does this sound funny, what is the catch?

Well, getting the free subdomain blogging service has a lot of advantage like, free services,  maintenance free,  free hosting, unlimited space and hacker free. These advantage do sound interesting but there are only 2 disadvantage.

You don’t own blogging platform. Imagine that, you did something bad to Word press and Word press decide to closed down your site. You are dead meat.  Do you able to get back all your hard work you have spend in blogging? May be, it is kind of hard to get it back as this is a free services.  What can you complain!!

The second disadvantage of subdomain, it is not SEO friendly. You will have hard time to rank #1 in Google. Here is example that happens in my blog Passive income Everyday. Below is the screen shot of the Google search result.

PIE ranking in google


You will found that passive income everyday domain (my website) will rank #1 in Google instead of Passive income everyday The domain name gives more weighting in Google organic ranking.  PIE @Blogspot does not owned by me. Even thought, he has spent countless hours in PIE@blogspot, Subdomain type blogging will never win the blogging with domain name on it.

Btw, the subdomain in PIE@blogspot is kind of supplement feel to my PIE domain. I do feel pity to the blogger in blogspot. Do you really want your blog name as part of the subdomain vs. domain. It is your choice.

Why choose domain solution for my blogging?

I am the editor for and “Best Penang Food” is my primary key word. BestPenangFood is my domain name as well. When tourist comes to Penang, they will found my website. How do they found my website? It is simple, my website rank #1 in Google when tourist search for “Best Penang Food” in Google. This is my ultimate goal which drive me tonne of traffic to my site.

To rank high in Google, it is not easy. There are competitions in the search ranking as there are other blogger want to rank high with these key word. The other blogger(what2see) has been in the field for more than 6 year but I actually took ~ 4 month of hard work by writing of ~ 50 article in my domain. As a result, my best Penang food website ranks #1 in Google for my primary key word “ Best Penang Food”.

How do I beat them and rank #1 in Google?

It is simple !! My hard work and my domain name as my primary key word give the best weighting in Google to rank high. In short, choosing the domain name is very important.

Best Penang Food Ranking in google

Should you choose domain solution instead of Free Subdomain blogging?

If you don’t have any funding or blogging is just for your hobby, I do recommend you to choose the subdomain blogging platform. It is free in term of hosting and maintenance.

If you are serious on the blogging or building a business, you have no other choice by just creating a domain name as part of the future growth planning. . The ultimate goal is for branding and ranking in organic search result.

Subdomain vs. domain is just a choice which might influence the future of your site performance. You will need to choose this before you can start.

I hope my explanation and guide able to help you to make the decision and I would like to wish you all to success in your blogging or business!! runs on the Genesis Framework

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